Friday, 13 April 2012

Android Mobile Phones

Android Mobile Phones are those Mobile Phones which run on the Android Operating System (OS). The Android OS is a Linux Based OS which has been designed for Mobile Phone Handsets and Tablet Personal Computers. There is a Seven Year Old History behind the Development of these Android Mobile Phones.
          The Android OS has been developed by the Google led Open Handset Alliance. In the year 2005, Google bought the Original Developer of this OS which was Android Inc. Then in the year 2007, the Open Handset Alliance was founded which was a group of 86 Software, Telecommunication and Hardware Companies. This group’s main aim was to device open standards for all types of modern mobile devices. By the year 2010, Android Mobile Phones came into huge demand throughout the World in Mobile Phone Sales.
          There are many advantages of using Android Mobile Phones than a Normal Mobile Phone.
·        Since Google Inc is the driving force behind the Android OS, users of these phones can easily download and install a huge number of Google Applications also known as Apps from Google Site.
·        Apart from this, these Android Mobile Phones also consist of pre-installed softwares like Google Play, Google Voice and so on.
·        Such flexibility of these Android Mobile Phones makes Internet Surfing and Computing on Mobile Phones, a very easy experience for Mobile Phone Users.
          There are some disadvantages as well of using Android Mobile Phones over its conventional counterparts.
·        At some point of time, the users of these phones run into downloading and using applications whose safety may not be guaranteed and this leads their phones to problems like Bugs.
·        Other such problems are the vulnerability of Android Mobile Phones towards online malice like Viruses and attacks by Hackers.
          It can be ultimately concluded that Android Mobile Phones can become better devices in the Mobile Telephony System after their compatibility features are improved in the days to come. Various features like Wi-Fi Connectivity, Internet Applications and Pre-installed Applications, all together may work with each other properly without any Offline or Online Problem affecting these phones.


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